Why A Summer Coding Camp Is A Great Idea For Your Kids

At Lanifex, we’re always interested in doing all we can to enhance the lives of coders, programmers and developers, and that also includes preparing the up-and-coming generation of future programmers who will soon join the industry and help it advance to higher levels. So, with summer approaching, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to give a plug to the concept of summer code camps.

Girl with laptop writing code at a summer Coding CampThe vast majority of summer camps have historically centered around physical activities, sports, and other social activities. Such camps have been successful in enhancing certain skills and knowledge while giving kids an opportunity to make friends. These are the same qualities that summer coding camps provide to kids – an opportunity to learn how to code or enhance their coding skills in a relaxed environment while making new friends.

There are tremendous benefits that kids accrue from attending a summer coding camp. To some extent, it is impossible to enumerate all of them as some the benefits are linked to the personal experiences that each child goes through. However, there are universal benefits of summer coding camps. Herein are some of these benefits.

Summer Coding Camps Encourage Your Kids to Have an Interest In Programming

As you might appreciate, not many schools teach computer science at a high level. In this regard, kids tend to have reduced opportunities to immerse themselves fully into coding. Consequently, many kids tend to have reduced opportunities to hone their coding skills.

Summer camps provide kids with the best environment to learn more about coding, thus sowing the seed of interest in the field in them. Upon the completion of the coding camp, these kids tend to have the drive to learn more and practice more. Ultimately, the set on a journey to become professional in the field.

Coding Camps Improve Kids’ Mental Capacity

One obvious aspect of coding is that it requires reasoning. Programming logic engages the mind and requires one to engage reasoning as much as possible. Consequently, by engaging in coding, the kids become better problem solvers. Additionally, kids also develop robust analytical skills that make them critical thinkers.

By attending coding camps, kids have the opportunity to engage in coding fully, and thus engage as much their brains as possible, which enhances their mental development. Moreover, most of the kids also develop an interest in Mathematics and Sciences.

Coding Camps Help Kids Become More Innovative

Typically, coding camps usually have a project for the kids to work on during the duration of the camp, such as programming a robot, or creating a game. Consequently, the participating kids are immersed in the world of innovation, by drawing on their creative side. With this in mind, the participating kids are shown the processes of innovating. Additionally, they are also given the variety of paths to innovation, which broadens their minds to think in a diverse and out-of-the-box manner.

This is a critical part of learning how to code effectively. Coding is not just a matter of writing code. Innovation also matters a great deal. The out-of-class environment in coding camps provides the best environment possible for kids to acquire innovation skills.

Develop Career Opportunities from An Early Age

Programming skills are in high demand. The field is generally growing, which means that there are new job opportunities available in the field each year. Sustained growth in the programming field is almost a sure thing as more aspects of our lives become computer controlled.

However, it is not just about the career opportunity, the quality of income in a programming career is also high. U.S. News reported that in 2015, on average a computer programmer earned $79,530, with the lowest paid programmers receiving an average $44,450. However, the top earners earned as much as $130,800.

In a nutshell, piquing your child’s interest in coding will set him or her on a path to a lucrative career where professionals in the field will be in high demand for a very long time.…

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ControlLogix System is the PLC of the New Age

There are many kinds of computers that businesses rely on. One of them is a programmable logic controller or PLC. A PLC is not a personal computer but an industrial computer. This means that it is hardy and can handle large pieces of information and storage. It can also survive harsh conditions of heat, cold, moisture and dust, needed for industrial computers. Its purpose is to monitor the input and output as well as make logic-based determinations for automated machines, such as for assembly lines. It has a programming language that is designed to be easily understood and cost-effective.

The example of the modern day, high efficient PLC is a ControlLogix system. What is a ControlLogix system and what does it do?

Programmable logic controllerOther PLCs can only handle specific machines as they are standalone controllers with inputs and output modules that surround an individual chassis. The ControlLogix system, developed by Allen-Bradley company, is different than other PLCs in that it can integrate the entirety of a manufacturing environment.

There is the 1756 Controller as well as the 5580 and 5570 Controllers. The 5580 and 5570 controllers are comprised of what is known as the Studio 5000. It is a high functioning automation engineering and design environment making it suitable for applications that demand high-performance. It is considered a total system that incorporates discrete and analog inputs and outputs, motion, processes, control over drives and a focus on safety. It saves money on the training and engineering needed for this process.

There are many parts to a ControlLogix system including the controllers, communication modules, integrate motion, I/O modules, power supplies, chassis, and software. You will configure a ControlLogix system to suit your particular process.

ControlLogix is a high-performance system. It is a modular platform, which means that it allows you to design, build or modify the platform in an easy cost-effective way.

There are certain steps that you should take with the platform. The basic steps include:

  • Determining what I/O devices you need for your platform
  • Determining what motion requirements would be suitable for what you need
  • Making a selection of the communication modules that would best suit your platform
  • 4. Making a decision on what your controller requirements will be
  • Deciding on how many chassis you will require
  • Determining what your power supply will consist of
  • Making a verification of the communications needed
  • Making a selection of your software

There are always certain tips you should follow when setting up a ControlLogix system. You’ll need to make sure that you’ve included the correct parts. You’ll want to use Ethernet for better performance and create ease of adding cards and racks. You’ll also want to make sure you have sufficient power supplies. Furthermore, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve considered the amount of memory and you’ll want to make sure that you have an alert for the possibility of the failing of a redundant pair and the need for a replacement. Other considerations are also in play.

In the 21st century, the era of the classic PLCs is over. More and more companies are switching to the ControlLogix series. Eventually the ability to obtain the classic PLC processors will be obsolete. You’ll still be able to obtain them, but only second-hand and refurbished. Spare parts for these systems will be harder and harder to find. Upgrading your controller to the ControlLogix controllers is highly recommended in our new age. Not only will the system allow you to have the most advanced PLC available but it will reduce the need for engineering time, saving your business money.…

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Web Design and CMS Software and Coding Differences

Many people ask about the difference between WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, HP and HTML websites. So to answer all those questions for all, here is a brief explanation:

Hand arranging wood letters as CMS (Content Management System)WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are Content Management Systems (CMS). Each of these allow the site’s webmaster to administer the articles, images, blog posts, content, pages, etc., all from a backend menu. There is free core installation with each of these systems. All that needs to be done is to upload them to a hosting service and set them up.

Each one, however, does have a different initial setup. For proper setup, an understanding of the file system is important. There are pros and cons to each of the systems. Although all three of them have a free core system, there are costs involved with many of the themes, extensions, widgets, etc.


Developer or web designer at work. Close-up top view of man working on laptop with wordpress on screen.The most popular of the three is WordPress. The majority of web design companies prefer to develop websites with it, as there are unlimited templates, widgets and plugins available, which can help to increase the functionality and customize the look of the site. In theory, you can create a very professional-looking website, even if you do not know any CSS, PHP, HTML or even Javascript.

Many clients ask us about WordPress vulnerabilities to hacking, etc. First of all, virtually any website can be hacked, unless proper precautions have been taken to prevent it. That said, there is not really any more vulnerability of a particular platform. The reason people hear a lot about WordPress hacks is because it is widely used and also widely used by inexperienced webmasters who allow security issues to develop and exist.

The most important thing that a WordPress user should do is make sure that their plugins and version of WordPress stay updated to the most current versions. Most hacks we see come through the plugins that have been uploaded by the user and were not kept updated. Or they were fairly shady plugins to begin with. These are not problems that would typically occur in a site designed and managed by a professional web developer.


There is a different look and feel to Joomla. It is, however, very user friendly and you are able to input content fairly easily even if you do not know very much coding.


This one is a bit more robust. It allows for higher levels of backend manipulation. There are those who consider it to be a bit more difficult to set up, since more knowledge of PHP is required. But one benefit it has is that it can be used on large sites. If it is set up properly, the backend (which is easy for those that do not have much markup language or PHP knowledge) is able to be used easily.

PHP Websites

A server side scripting language called PHP is a technology for back-end programming. The use of this script allows you to make the content of your website so much more dynamic, it does this by retrieving it from any database that is source-like.

HTML Sites

A basic HTML site is a static website, it required the use of HTML or CSS, a text editor, as well as FTP access to a server in order to be able to publish online. Once the site is launched, the website, for lack of a better way of putting it, will remain the website. If there is new content you want to add on, if there is existing content you want to edit, or if you would like to do anything engaging or interactive on the website, the HTML of the page in question will require editing.

So, if your site needs consistent upkeep or you want it to be full of dynamic content, the code will have to be frequently edited. If, however, all you want to put on your site is static content, which means that there are never any changes made to the content, then it is very simple to create the site with the use of HTML.

Beyond these basics, there is a whole world to explore in each content system. They all have their pros and cons. The best advice is to start with one that seems to be the closest to your needs, based on the above, and then become expert in it. With experience, you may want to branch out and study several of the above systems, for more flexibility in your web design work.…

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Web and Internet concept with social media and social network signs and words on bouncing colorful spheres isolated on white background.

Five Top Tools For Managing Your Social Media

Social media marketing can deliver results, but it can take a lot of time and energy to get those results. This causes many companies to feel overwhelmed by the demands of social media.

Notepad with words social media analytics on a wooden backgroundThankfully, there are a number of tools that make social media accounts far easier to manage. If you’re having a hard time maintaining your social media accounts, take a look at these top tools.

1. Hootsuite

Do you feel like you constantly have to check on Twitter and Facebook throughout the day? Instead of focusing on social media all day long, why not get everything done all at once?

When you sign up for Hootsuite, you’ll be able to schedule Tweets and Facebook posts. Hootsuite also provides users with valuable analytic data. You’ll be able to learn more about when you should be posting your tweets.

2. EveryPost

Studies have shown that people are more likely to notice a social media post if it contains a video or some kind of image. Thankfully, there is a social media management tool that is designed to help you curate visual content.

EveryPost allows you to share posts on a variety of popular platforms, including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also allows you to schedule customized posts.

3. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is another tool that allows you to schedule Tweets and Facebook posts. However, it offers some other appealing features as well.

When you get a new follower on Twitter, you want that follower to feel appreciated. When you use SocialOomph, you can send them a message that tells them just how appreciated they are. People tend to respond very positively to these kinds of welcome messages.

4. Autographic Insight

Autographic Insight is not a social media posting platform. It is a tool that measures the performance of your social media campaigns and posting. It is designed as a highly customizable platform, allowing you to configure social media reports in a virtually unlimited number of ways.

Autographic Insight also allows you to combine your PPC, SEO and other campaigns into one platform, allowing you to see how your various campaigns are working synergistically.

5. Tailwind

While there are many social media tools out there, few of them devote much attention to Pinterest. Thankfully, there’s at least one tool that will help you to get more from your Pinterest account.

Tailwind is an official Pinterest marketing partner, and the tool that they offer is comprehensive. When you use Tailwind, you can create multi-board pins, bulk upload images, and schedule pins to post at a later date. In addition, Tailwind allows a single team to manage multiple accounts.

Take the time to think about what your social media needs are. Do you need more detailed analytic information? Are you looking for a tool that will allow you to schedule posts?

From there, you can look at what the top tools on the market offer. You should be able to find an excellent tool that meets every one of your needs.…

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Computer Programming, and Web design—Setting a new trend

These words computer programming and web design would sound from another world a decade ago. Web designing is a program to create and edit and update web pages and websites. The designer finds it easier to work pages and sites through graphics user interface that shows the desired results. This is the main purpose of this program. Computer programming is a process that begins with computing problem to an executable computer program. There are many activities associated with computer programming.

Computer programming at your fingertips:

Computer programming is not for everyone as working with computers is hard work and much work on the mental. In fact, one cannot always say that one loves working with computers. Creating websites are like constructing a house. It is like telling your friends that you are building a house but not giving them the address as to how to reach there.

Web Designing: In the fast moving world designing websites is now a huge service in the fast-moving world of internet business. That is why www or World Wide Web has blossomed and so has the business of web designing. Designing websites now form a critical part of web development process. Building attractive websites have far greater users than ones that are mediocre or just run of the mill types. It is in this area that web designing plays a critical role it is the website with the best web design that gets attracted and wins over the best users. Thus websites are one of the most important tools a business can have.One can say that everyone likes to have a web design the first time itself.

Designing a website is a complex activity. as it requires a thorough knowledge of the process  .Turning the company’s aspiration into a reality is the main purpose of any website. Hence it is important to hire a professional web designer so that they will help you to improve your business. It is preferable to find a website design that allows one to outline the needs. This could include the color choice that one wants and name a few of your favorite sites so that they may know and like. Right from the start if one can identify the requirements will lead to the swift design of the website. In this manner, one can save the time of redesigning or reworking the website.

Consistency in the web designing

Consistency is the key to web designing by a professional web designer. Consistency is not only using the same color but also the similar sets of fonts. One also has to make sure that the web behavior is consistent. The perfect way of ensuring consistency in your web design is to keep it simple. A color scheme with five different colors and two types of fonts should be enough for the website. One can then play with size and intensity and create as many changes that one may want but keeping in mind that once the user is used to one particular color or size they will definitely see something different

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How To Learn C# Programming

The process we're going to take on how to learn C# coding is the same you should take to learning any different language. The best method for learning how to program is fairly universal but there are different personality and learning style elements that are different from person to person. We can give you a sort of best practices for learning a programming language that will definitely reduce the learning curve and get you right to the elements that you need to learn. So, this will not be a very detailed article but it will be one that can give you the right foundation for learning any programming language.

Use other people! That might sound very weird, but if you've done any type of programming, then you know the value of looking at the code that others have created. Looking at the code that other people have created will help teach you how to solve the various problems that you will have when you're trying to code in C# or any other programming language. It will show you where you have made mistakes, where you have decided on things that aren't the best practices of using that particular coding language. Taking a C# programming test can also help point out your weak areas to work on.

Even before you start looking at code, you probably need a coding project. The worst way to learn a programming language is to simply read a resource book, do various tutorials online and the basic boring book type of learning. The best way to learn C# or any other programming language is to have a project in mind and to attack it with the new programming language.

This will do many things for you, and the most important thing is that it will make you invest more into learning the language.

It will create a challenge for you to solve: it will force you to quickly learn the syntax and the proper ways of doing things in that language, giving you a fast opportunity to learn from your mistakes. It's similar to computer science in college, where the people who just focused on the books didn't learn how to program as quickly as the people who tackled projects. Tackle projects, get down and dirty, use the language and make it real to you.

For people who already know how to program it just is a matter of figuring out the C# method to do what you already do.

You already have a good background and projects to work on, so just use C# and learn how to solve those code problems in the new language.

As you can see, this is all about building a foundation as quickly as possible. It is about getting down and dirty with the language from day one and not waiting until you've read several books until you've done several drills and have wasted your time. From day one, code. Find a project, find a task, find problems to solve in that coding language and you will learn that language faster than anyone.

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