Why A Summer Coding Camp Is A Great Idea For Your Kids

At Lanifex, we’re always interested in doing all we can to enhance the lives of coders, programmers and developers, and that also includes preparing the up-and-coming generation of future programmers who will soon join the industry and help it advance to higher levels. So, with summer approaching, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to give a plug to the concept of summer code camps.

Girl with laptop writing code at a summer Coding CampThe vast majority of summer camps have historically centered around physical activities, sports, and other social activities. Such camps have been successful in enhancing certain skills and knowledge while giving kids an opportunity to make friends. These are the same qualities that summer coding camps provide to kids – an opportunity to learn how to code or enhance their coding skills in a relaxed environment while making new friends.

There are tremendous benefits that kids accrue from attending a summer coding camp. To some extent, it is impossible to enumerate all of them as some the benefits are linked to the personal experiences that each child goes through. However, there are universal benefits of summer coding camps. Herein are some of these benefits.

Summer Coding Camps Encourage Your Kids to Have an Interest In Programming

As you might appreciate, not many schools teach computer science at a high level. In this regard, kids tend to have reduced opportunities to immerse themselves fully into coding. Consequently, many kids tend to have reduced opportunities to hone their coding skills.

Summer camps provide kids with the best environment to learn more about coding, thus sowing the seed of interest in the field in them. Upon the completion of the coding camp, these kids tend to have the drive to learn more and practice more. Ultimately, the set on a journey to become professional in the field.

Coding Camps Improve Kids’ Mental Capacity

One obvious aspect of coding is that it requires reasoning. Programming logic engages the mind and requires one to engage reasoning as much as possible. Consequently, by engaging in coding, the kids become better problem solvers. Additionally, kids also develop robust analytical skills that make them critical thinkers.

By attending coding camps, kids have the opportunity to engage in coding fully, and thus engage as much their brains as possible, which enhances their mental development. Moreover, most of the kids also develop an interest in Mathematics and Sciences.

Coding Camps Help Kids Become More Innovative

Typically, coding camps usually have a project for the kids to work on during the duration of the camp, such as programming a robot, or creating a game. Consequently, the participating kids are immersed in the world of innovation, by drawing on their creative side. With this in mind, the participating kids are shown the processes of innovating. Additionally, they are also given the variety of paths to innovation, which broadens their minds to think in a diverse and out-of-the-box manner.

This is a critical part of learning how to code effectively. Coding is not just a matter of writing code. Innovation also matters a great deal. The out-of-class environment in coding camps provides the best environment possible for kids to acquire innovation skills.

Develop Career Opportunities from An Early Age

Programming skills are in high demand. The field is generally growing, which means that there are new job opportunities available in the field each year. Sustained growth in the programming field is almost a sure thing as more aspects of our lives become computer controlled.

However, it is not just about the career opportunity, the quality of income in a programming career is also high. U.S. News reported that in 2015, on average a computer programmer earned $79,530, with the lowest paid programmers receiving an average $44,450. However, the top earners earned as much as $130,800.

In a nutshell, piquing your child’s interest in coding will set him or her on a path to a lucrative career where professionals in the field will be in high demand for a very long time.